Announcing “The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut”


The title spoils the surprise, but before cutting to the chase, allow us to say a few words. We’d like to thank you all for your support and feedback over the last three years. The Van Helsing trilogy became big. Since its 2013 release, individual titles of the trilogy combined have sold over 1 million copies, […]

Tabletop enthusiasts at NeocoreGames – Part Two


This is the third blog post on this topic, with the introduction and the first part of the interview-post. Enthusiasm for tabletop games at NeocoreGames never ceases, and we have more people here who want to share their insights. Today I’ve asked Péter Szegedi (one of the producers at NeocoreGames), and he provided a photo […]

Teaseday #38 – Islands of the Ink


Hey Folks, How is your Tuesday going? We’re doing Teaseday here. Today I’ll show you a couple of the Islands in the Ink from Van Helsing III. The Island of Terror, the Spectral Provinces and the Valley of Frost. Places of Pure Imagination „And then you can travel below or behind this world and appear […]

Van Helsing and Deathtrap – Coming to Xbox One!

Xbox One Van Helsing Deathrap

NeocoreGames is proud to announce that The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and Deathtrap are coming to Xbox One soon. We’ll reveal more details about this (including an official release date) and other exciting news in the following months, so make sure you check back regularly. Here’s the official trailer for The Incredible Adventures of Van […]

Teaseday #37 – Dark Carnival


Hey folks, Summer is here! Not that this has anything to do with today’s post just..just, ok? Today I brought you one more of my favorite levels in Van Helsing III: The Dark Carnival. Take a look and read a little about the history of the level where the ‘Hunter Games’ takes place. Dark Carnival „The […]

A Brief Introduction to Weird Science


Ever wondered what makes the world, the atmosphere of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing trilogy so unique? We’ve got science to explain. Well, the weird kind. 1. The beauty of obsolete theories What’s a phlogiston? You might have wondered about that and many other things about the world of Van Helsing. Viktor, the Narrative […]

Van Helsing III – Updates


The game is now even better! Since the May 22 release, we’re rolling out the third big update to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III. These updates fix numerous smaller bugs, balance and optimize gameplay, quests, skills, items, multiplayer, and fix some of the achievements that weren’t working properly. For those who found any […]

The Incredible Development of Van Helsing III

Van Helsing III Featured Image

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III is now out, as you can see on the Steam page. It’s been already a week, we have many returning gamers playing it already, still there’s uncertainty regarding many things. First, the classes. What’s the fundamental reason of the creation of these? Are they still the character of […]

Teaseday #36 – Nightmare Hollow

Teaseday Van Helsing 3 Nightmare Hollow

Hey Folks, How are you? It’s been a while since I bothered you with a new part of our Teaseday series. But you know life can get busy around release. Today I’ll show you one of my favorite levels in Van Helsing III: The Nightmare Hollow. Because who doesn’t like zombies, ghosts or learning about […]

Rereading Dracula


Today marks the 118th anniversary of the release of Bram Stoker’s classic Gothic horror novel Dracula. This is an important little book, more so because the original Abraham Van Helsing makes his first appearance here, and together with may of the cast of the novel, begins to work its everlasting influence on popular culture. (Re)reading […]