Contest Update – Compiling the Shortlist


We are busy examining your submissions for the Deathtrap Level Editor Contest. Our goal is now to compile a shortlist of ten of the best. But it seems that this will be a bigger task than we anticipated. You guys are just too good. We are having a bit too much fun with your levels. […]

Contest Update – Time’s up!


Time’s up, folks! We are no longer accepting submissions for the level editor contest, instead we are getting busy compiling a shortlist, ten of the levels we found the most interesting. In a few days, you’ll have a chance to vote for the best level, and select the winner. You can prepare for the voting […]

Contest Update – Deadline Extended!


Didn’t finish your awesome level for Deathtrap on time? Running out of Essence? Don’t panic! We have extended the deadline for uploading the levels to Monday (February 23rd), 10am PST! An extra weekend for both the lazy and the hasty, just this once! Go to Steam Workshop and create an awesome level to enter the […]

On Review Scores


This subject is somewhat timely: a few days ago Eurogamer has decidedly dropped review scores, joining many other game review sites that support this move (and this movement). There was a bit of a debate around here in the studio, whether we should say something about this trend or not. It’s probably a bit awkward […]

Van Helsing II – New Multiplayer Mode: Touchdown


Get ready for some serious and intense physical activity in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II – we have released a new endgame multiplayer mode! Introducing Touchdown: a fun, team-based PvP game mode, released right now with the update 1.3.0. Invite your friends to battle against each other in teams of two to four. Your […]

Contest! – Are you ready to create the best Co-Op level for Deathtrap?


NeocoreGames is proud to announce the Deathtrap Co-Op Level Editor Contest! It’s all very simple: design the best level in the Deathtrap editor, and we’ll integrate your map in the game for everyone to see. Permanently. Step 1: Open up the level editor. Step 2: Create an awesome, well balanced scenario level, preferably optimal for […]

Deathtrap – Out of Early Access


So, it is done. Yesterday, Deathtrap was finally released in its full gory glory. The game was available as a Steam Early Access title for almost three months, which is a relatively short period of time – but it’s here now. You can now access everything that wasn’t available previously. Even better (from our perspective), […]

Deathtrap Launched on Steam!

Deathtrap Out on Steam FI

Heya heya heya hey all! Finally Deathtrap came out of Early Access and launched on steam at its full pride and glory! It’s also 10% OFF, just to make your day even better – so now you can get ready to venture beyond the veil of this world, where a chain of strongholds were once […]

Deathtrap – Know Your Enemy


Coming tomorrow, Deathtrap will test your skills, your wit and your speed: will you be able to stop hordes of monsters? In the Art of War, Sun Tzu states: “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without jeopardy.” We pretty much covered the different traps and towers (Mechanical, […]

Deathtrap – Traps and Towers #3: Monsters


In this series of blog posts we’ll examine some of the traps and towers you can build in Deathtrap, coming out February 4th. Each trap in the game belongs to one of the 5 different categories: Mechanical Ground Traps, Mechanical Towers, Mystical Ground Traps, Mystical Towers and Monster Summoning Traps. For a simpler approach, we’ll […]