On the Trilogy Structure

Van Hesling Trilogy

Three is an important number in most religions and especially European folklore (Three Little Pigs, three challenges of the hero, etc.), history (liberty, equality, fraternity), and it is an important narrative divider since the ancient Greeks. Even today, Hollywood uses the so called “three act structure”, as in beginning, middle and end. Especially in the […]

Oculus Rift in the House!

Oculus Rift

We’re pleased to report that we have received an Oculus Rift Developer Kit – don’t jump to conclusions though, this is our first glance on this device and we’re not actively developing for VR right now. However, we felt that we should at least take a look, and consider the possibilities. The future is here, […]

Van Helsing III coming this May


It’s official now: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III is coming this May. The third and final story chapter to the trilogy will have six brand new character classes and dozens of new scientifically altered characters to confront and destroy. Let me introduce to you:     A few words from our narrative designer […]

[April’s Fools!] “We’re moving from PC to mobile!”


Due to recent trends in the gaming industry, we’re happy to announce that we’re leaving the least profitable platform behind. In the future, we’re no longer developing games for PC. Instead, we saw the opportunity to change the profile of the company. We’re going to develop high quality action RPGs for iOS and Android starting […]

Replaying Van Helsing – Part One


Forty hours in, I’m finishing The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, the first one. Of course, the game isn’t that long, but I’m a thorough explorer. Sadly, I’m still missing several achievements despite the fact that I’ve completed every side mission. Oh, well. Hardcore it is. Also, I still don’t like my hat. It’s a […]

Deathtrap – New Co-Op level and Streaming Announcement


We bring you good news! If you have followed the Deathtrap Co-Op Level Editor Contest, you might know that one of the rewards was to integrate the winning level into the game. It is now done. “Armory” by Flikk is now officially part of the game, delivered to you by today’s update. If you haven’t […]

On the Indie Identity

Indie Game The Movie

I have been watching some documentaries lately, mostly about the state of video games, the gaming industry, and especially independent developers, and it was interesting to compare these experiences with the history of NeocoreGames. One of the most famous documentaries is “Indie Game: The Movie”, which follows three developers on their road to success: Team […]

Contest Update – And the Winner is…


First of all, thank you all for participating in the Deathtrap Co-Op Level Editor Contest, it was a very fun little detour that made Deathtrap and it’s Co-Op mode a much more fun and rewarding experience. All of you did a great job, and it was a really tough decision to select the shortlist. Now […]

Teaseday #35 – Lady Katarina in Van Helsing III

Van Helsing III - Teaseday

Hey Folks, It’s been a while but I’m back with a Van Helsing III Teaseday for you! It’s coming and it’s gonna blow your mind. This post is about our favorite Lady Katarina. I guess you’ll know what this means at the end of this post. “Lady Katarina is not your average ghost lady.” She has a charming […]

Contest Update – Announcing the Shortlist!


Good news, budding level designers! Our team has selected the most well balanced levels that are now considered for the best. On our methodology: we tested the levels with higher (60-100) level characters, we had to make sure that these levels are challenging and enjoyable enough, even for seasoned veterans. The final list: “3 Paths […]